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Limited time FREE Membership! Our normal subscription price of $7.95 per month starts after the first of the year. Sign up now and get FREE access to our vast library of advertisement free classic movies on ROKU, as well as on the website GoldTicket.TV. Note: Your FREE membership will only last until January, but because you signed up ahead of time today, you'll become a Founding Member that qualifies you for a special Founders Membership price of only $2.95 per month for life. That's a $5.00 monthly savings each month and you'll never pay more.


Gold Ticket TV delivers some of the most loved and treasured movies of all time. Our goal is to make available to you these timeless classics for your viewing enjoyment. Universal Television Media, in conjunction with VCI Entertainment, have partnered to present to you a treasure-trove of classic entertainment second to none. Many of the titles are Award Winning Films in every Genre, including Comedies, Drama, Action & Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi and Westerns. Your subscription will not only give you access to a unique collection of films to enjoy monthly, but a portion of each subscription will go to helping fund The VCI Classic Movie Foundation. The Foundation's goal is to digitally remaster and preserve movie history. Its only purpose is to archive, remaster, and improve these films for future generations. Additionally, the foundation anticipates purchasing and or creating original historical content to air exclusively on Gold Ticket TV that tells the backstories of actors, writers, and directors involved in making these timeless films. While many of the titles you'll have access to have been remastered, there is still more to do! Join our cause to preserve these films for the future. Subscribe today!


Membership has its privileges as they say, and with your Gold Ticket Founding Membership, you'll continue to get the $2.95 subscription FOR LIFE and continual deep discounts up to 50% off on Website movie rentals and 25% on Movie Collectors DVDs. Additionally, with every subscription payment you make, Gold Ticket TV will donate a portion of your subscription fee and video sales to the VCI Entertainment Foundation. The foundation is committed to the preservation and remastering of hundreds of classic movie titles for the future. This will guarantee that future generations will be able to enjoy them for years to come.


We have over 6,000 classic movie titles to broadcast. However, not all our titles have been made ready for the Gold Ticket TV channel. This is where our partnership with the non-profit VCI Entertainment Foundation comes in. As they remaster new titles, we have arranged for these titles to be enjoyed right here at Gold Ticket TV. The Foundation is a vital part of making these films available to the public, while also making a master archive of these wonderful films. Additionally, we are constantly purchasing, remastering and archiving titles, for the platform and we will refresh our inventory often. We may have as many as 250 or more titles available in any given month under several categories. We plan to program the channel seasonally and distribute new titles each month and leave some on the platform to be viewed by popular demand.

During the FREE SUBSCRIPTION WINDOW, you will enjoy all our ADVERTISER FREE movies without the pesky ads that are flooding the internet and Smart TV platforms. Once our scheduled hard launch is active January 2020, you will be given an opportunity to continue your Gold Ticket Club Founding Membership at a special onetime offer price of only $2.95 per month.

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Gold Ticket Founding Membership ………………………………Only $2.95 per month after December 2019

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